Thaddeus Bartkowski




Thaddeus J. Bartkowski is a leading executive in the media industry with an extensive track record of accomplishment.  He has spent close to two decades in the industry, having built and successfully divested multiple companies serving various parts of North America.  The most recent company owned some of the most valuable out-of-home media assets in North America, which under his leadership grew from a concept to an enterprise value more than $100mm.


Catalyst Experiential is the Convergence of Community and Communication; the culmination of more than 20 years of Thaddeus’ knowledge, experience, and leadership in the out-of-home media industry. Every municipality has needs—an abandoned building or lot that was an eyesore, a lack of green space, or merely the ability to stand out and identify themselves. By integrating architectural-quality visual communication technology with recreational uses, facilities, public meeting places, and infrastructure that communities need, Catalyst Experiential creates real value for communities funded by advertisers.


Thaddeus Bartkowski studied Business Finance at Villanova University and started his first media company as a Villanova student.


Mr. Bartkowski is very active in the community and has provided marketing and communication guidance to over 30 nonprofit organizations throughout the greater Philadelphia region. Outside of his professional obligations he enjoys a multitude of outdoor sports including skiing and running and spends time furthering his equine interests throughout Chester County.