The Convergence of Community and Communication

Catalyst Experiential is redefining the physical form of communication by integrating visual communication technology with local landmarks, infrastructure, and community experiences. Imagine dog parks, pedestrian bridges, art centers, or fire stations that serve the public while enabling the local government, schools, charities, and businesses to speak directly to the community they serve. That’s what we create.

Reinforcing a Sense of Place

Over the past several decades, the distinct identity of many communities has been lost to the sea of suburbanization. Catalyst helps communities combat this loss of identity. We work with each community to identify appropriate locations and to select building materials with dynamic features that reflect the unique local character. Elements such as architectural lighting, reflection pools, and living walls further ensure that no two experiences are the same.

Public Private Partnership

Our process starts by working to understand the vision and needs of residents, organizations, and businesses in the community so that we can develop solutions at no cost to taxpayers. This journey started more than a decade ago when Catalyst met with a township eager to get rid of a long-abandoned gas station at the entrance of their community. We revitalized the gateway to this township—acquiring the land, conducting the environmental remediation, and replacing an eyesore with a stately stone monument complete with arboretum-worthy landscaping that is continuously maintained and updated with every change of season, all at no cost to the township. Since then we have worked with countless communities to design custom experiences unique to them.

How Can We Help Your Community?

We are continuing to expand and are being invited to new communities every week. From farmer’s markets to emergency services facilities to art galleries, local needs continue to drive new types of experiences. We are always looking for opportunities to partner with townships to identify unmet needs that we can work together to fulfill. While it takes the right dynamics to work, including factors such as adequate traffic flow, demographics, and population density, if you think your community may fulfill these criteria, let us know.