Raritan Township Clocktower Blends Old and New to Welcome All


Catalyst Experiential obtained approval for the Clocktower on Route 202 at the Raritan Township (Hunterdon County) Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting on Thursday, September 18


Raritan ClocktowerSeptember 24, 2020 (Raritan Township, NJ): Catalyst Experiential has several projects currently under development in New Jersey, including a number of Landmarks throughout the state, and an EMS Station in Mount Laurel. For Catalyst, however, every project is like the first Monument they constructed, which replaced an abandoned gas station in West Chester, Pennsylvania more than a decade ago: a unique work of architecture that distinctly celebrates the municipality in which it resides.


For Raritan Township, incorporated in 1838, that meant creating a gateway that emphasizes the history and natural beauty of the township, and which provides a stately backdrop to the visual communications technology that enables the installation to serve as a community communication platform.


This project had personal meaning for Eric Ascalon, who led its development for Catalyst, “As a former resident of Hunterdon County, I share the pride that locals have for their distinct community. When considering a gateway for visitors to let them know they were entering the town, it was very important that the Clocktower not just showcase the Raritan Township name and seal, but that the building materials and landscaping would bring the identity alive. The traditional stone, rustic copper clock, and native landscaping combine to give the project an authentic presence that reflects agrarian roots.”


As the natural beauty of the architecture and landscaping speak to the history of Raritan Township, the integrated visual communications technology will enable the municipality to broadcast emergency information and promote local activities and events.


The Raritan Township Clocktower is being developed by Catalyst at no cost to taxpayers, and will be completed by January of 2021.


Project Details:

Name:             Raritan Township Clocktower

Location:         Route 202 Gateway from the north, Raritan Township

Materials:        Regionally-quarried stone & copper

Landscaping:  2,400 square foot garden featuring native and adapted species



More on Catalyst Experiential

Catalyst Experiential, recently named the 81st fastest growing company in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine, is redefining the physical form of communication by integrating visual communication technology with municipal landmarks, public safety facilities, and community gathering places. Imagine dog parks, pedestrian bridges, art centers, or fire stations that serve the public while enabling the local government, schools, charities, and businesses to speak directly to the community they serve.


Catalyst works closely with communities to understand their needs so that they can develop solutions at no cost to taxpayers. The solutions frequently transform the under-utilized property into a community asset that combines art, architecture, and advertising in a unique way.


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Catalyst Experiential

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