PA Township News and the Benefits of Public-Private Partnership

Bensalem Dog Park Catalyst—and our unique form of public-private partnership—was featured with a full spread in the April issue of PA Township news. The article highlights four key reason to consider a partnership:

Lower cost to taxpayers: Projects fulfill community needs at an affordable price.

Collaborative process: Participatory planning and design empower the community and ensure that the project is meaningful and in keeping with the local aesthetic style.

Reinforcement of a sense of place: Townships can stand out in a “sea of sameness” that has become prevalent among communities. They can also reinforce a local sense of pride and place with a unique opportunity to create a showcase that becomes an iconic part of their township.

Beautification of unattractive places: Townships can repurpose underused spaces and eliminate community eyesores and transform them into a space the community can be proud of.


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