Demolition of Eyesore Structures Paves the Way for the Flemington Living Landmark

It was an overcast day with a slow drizzle of rain, perfect for the much anticipated demolition of the abandoned house and dated service station that have long greeted drivers on the Flemington Circle. They will be replaced by the Flemington Living Landmark, converting the largely asphalt and concrete structure into vibrant landscaping, solar trees, and elegant metal lettering welcoming visitors to “The Historic Borough of Flemington.”

For years, drivers through the Flemington circle were greeted by an outdated service station and a lot of cars in various state of repair.

Demolition of the abandoned houseThe abandoned house was the first building to be demolished, and the excavator made quick work of the frame building.

Demolition of the service station.The service station came down next. Original a Mobile Gas station, the building had more recently been used for a repair shop. Removing the building and asphalt parking lot was the first step in installing pervious landscaping that will be more aesthetically pleasing as well as better for the environment.

The Flemington Living LandmarkCreation of the Flemington Living Landmark has now begun. The Living Landmark is scheduled to go live in Q1, 2021. The Living Landmark will see the transformation of over 24,000 feet of impervious surface into rich landscaping and grass, with over 20,000 plants and 40 trees.