Experience the West Conshohocken Monument

The final phases of bringing the West Conshohocken Monument alive are underway! Soon, the Monument will feature a clock tower, a waterfall, and. . . a living wall.

West Conshohocken living wall design

The end product will be piece of art, embracing natural elements from its surroundings.

The Clock Tower. A classic, analog clock sitting atop the monument, reminding us of simpler days before phones became our time-keepers.

The Waterfall. This will be the next section installed (we can’t wait to share some video and pictures). Water will cascade from the top of the monument down to the stone base–working its magic to help reduce stress for the drivers sitting in traffic on the Schuylkill (or I-76 for non-Philadelphians).

The Living Wall. This may be the biggest wow factor of the monument. Over 1200 square feet of vertical garden! The ribbon design will contain thousands of plants such as, Allium ‘Millenium’, Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’, Microbiata Decussata and Hedera Heliz ‘Thorndale’.

These plants will all sit in, and on, a high-tech system that provides optimal living conditions for the plants. From the weather-resistant Biotiles (holding the individual plants onto the wall) to the drip irrigation system, everything has been carefully thought out to ensure this wall of plants can withstand all 4 seasons here in Philadelphia (from the hot, humid summers, to the icy winters).

Prior to installation, each plant spends a minimum of eight weeks growing in a greenhouse receiving all the TLC it needs in preparation for its future home. Just like your garden at home, once the living wall has been installed, it will require continued care of the plants, including:SageGreenLife Living Wall Air Quality Benefits

  • Pinching back the plants – to help them branch out and become fuller
  • Pruning – to control growth and shape the plants if needed
  • Shearing – to maintain separation of the plants and the overall design pattern
  • Deadheading – removing the spent flowers so the plant can direct its energy to its roots, foliage, and new flower buds

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, living walls provide benefits including filtering toxins from the air and making people happier and healthier.

We are very excited about this project and look forward to sharing our continued progress. Be sure to follow Catalyst Experiential social media accounts for the latest updates on the West Conshohocken Monument—and possibly some behind the scene glimpses!


Living Wall Update: The greenhouse sent us a photo of the biotiles. This is the first pic of our plants. The date is nearing for their big move to West Conshohocken!

West Conshy Living Wall Plants Greenhouse photo