Catalyst Experiential and the Neshaminy School District
announce the 2019 Virtual Art Show on the Middletown M


Every school in the district will be featured over the course of 10 months


Sunrise Scene

Madeline P, 4th Grade

Newtown Square, PA February 26, 2019) Catalyst Experiential has partnered with The Neshaminy School District on the 2019 Virtual Art Show. Starting in February and continuing for 10 months, one Neshaminy school will be featured in a special exhibition on the Middletown M. The art teachers of Neshaminy have been invited to display a sampling of the many projects created in their classes, allowing the community to see the variety and scope of the art program in the district.



Nathan L, Kindergarten

Catalyst Experiential believes that art education in schools is priceless, fostering creativity and confidence in children. Working with the Neshaminy District, we developed the concept of a 10-month virtual art show to provide recognition for the art program and showcase student artists. The first school to be featured will be Ferderbar Elementary School. Each school will highlight 5 pieces of art per month. The work will be displayed multiple times a day throughout the month.


birch trees

Alikhan K, 1st Grade

The Art Curriculum at Neshaminy School District uses art as a platform to further essential skills for productive citizens through the creation, presentation, and evaluation of their work habits and art production while connecting art process to personal meanings and external content. These skills provide students with the tools they need to understand, create, and broaden their ability to communicate through other mediums and academic areas when making critical choices and judgments.


Color Fish

Vera M, 2nd Grade

Dr. Stacy Potter, District Art Lead Teacher at Neshaminy School District is excited to get started.   “We are honored to give our students a platform to display their art. What a thrill for them and their families to be able to see it on the M. We are very excited for the community to see the innovative ways our students interpret and present their ideas. Our well-rounded art curriculum allows for student exploration and artistic growth on an individual level and we are happy to share this with the community. We are very proud of our students as well as our excellent art staff and supportive administration.


Abstract Design

Jack E, 3rd Grade

Commented Thaddeus Bartkowski, CEO of Catalyst Experiential, “Creativity is the fundamental core of Catalyst Experiential. To be able to help foster and share creativity is highly meaningful. The Neshaminy School District has an outstanding art program, and we know that everyone will enjoy seeing the art throughout the year.”


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March/ Schweitzer ES; April/ Maple Point MS; May/ Hoover ES; June/ Miller ES; Summer & September/ Neshaminy High School; October/ Carl Sandburg MS; November/Poquessing MS; December/Pearl S. Buck ES; January/ Tawanka ES


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